Dr. Neal Khurana, MD

Dr. Safet Lekperic, MD

Education & Accreditation

Safet Lekperic is a board-certified physician treating patients with a variety of conditions in both vascular and radiology specialties.

About Dr. Lekperic

Throughout my clinical training, my focus has been developing a wide variety of technical
and clinical skills necessary for general practice in the field of Vascular and Interventional
Radiology. This includes managing the inpatient clinical service, performing formal consultations,
and maintaining continuity of care in the outpatient clinic.

Procedures & Conditions

My concentration has been Interventional Oncology. I have developed significant clinical
insight into the assessment, staging, and management of oncology patients. From an interdisciplinary
level, I have had direct interactions with a multidisciplinary liver tumor board at
one of the nation’s largest liver transplant centers. More recently I have gained experience
building an outpatient based Interventional Oncology practice, performing Y90 radioembolization,
transarterial chemoembolization (TACE), and percutaneous ablations in an outpatient-based
laboratory. I have developed strong relationships with community oncologists and other
referring providers for out-patient based Interventional Oncology care.